There is a sweet spot in that pile of brush, over that tree limb, under that boat lift on the vaal river boathouse. Do you have a second thought when making that cast? We are often fishing and casting into some of the thickest cover, thinking we will worry about it when we get the bite. Choosing the best line for that situation is important but so is general line management, casting ability, memory and for us Saffa’s, the price becomes quite important too. So which fluorocarbon line is best – Seaguar of Sunline There are several factors that come into play here including weather, techniques, tackle, and personal choice. There are other lines, but if we have to recommend anything, it would be Seaguar or Sunline for fluorocarbon.

If you look at their pro staff, Sunline boasts some of the best including, Aaron Martens, Jason Christie, Gerald Swindle, Todd Faircloth, Mike McClelland, and Carl Jocumsen. Seaguar will go head to head quite easily with Brandon Palaniuk, Mark Rose, and Chris Zaldain amongst others in their pro staff team.

Sunline Shooter

Sunline shooter is a fluorocarbon line that is known for its sensitivity, great abrasion resistance, and a little stretch. Many consider Shooter as a heavier cover line and is currently only available in the Power special version in SA. A small increase in stretch gives the Power Special more shock absorbency when flipping or throwing big swimbaits. Built with beefed-up abrasion resistance and unmatched durability, the Power Special is perfect for horsing big ones out of timber and heavy cover.

Line Diameter22lb25lb30lb
Sunline Shooter – Power Special

Sunline FC Sniper

Gerald Swindle says when drop-shotting or cranking, his go-to is Sniper. Sunline FC Sniper is a fantastic line, that will bring great quality and value for money. The line has all the features and quality to make it a great choice for all techniques with spinning or casting tackle. Offered in clear and green color, it is versatile and one of their best-selling products.

When choosing between Sniper and Shooter, anglers like Russ Lane reckon it’s the perfect line for long casts when fishing moving baits and also finesse type presentations.

Line Diameter6lb8lb10lb12lb16lb20lb25lb
Sunline FC Sniper

Seaguar Tatsu

Tatsu is Japanese for dragon – delivers an amazingly strong, yet supple, fluorocarbon line unlike any other through a superior, state-of-the-art double-structure process. It fuses two custom, 100% fluorocarbon resins, creating the world’s only double-structure mainline. Those that fish this line absolutely love it.

Super sensitive and abrasion resistant, the soft exterior resin provides excellent knot strength and flexibility, while a harder inner resin adds the strength. You will see tournament anglers such as Marc Bywater swear by this line. Check out his video here.

Line Diameter6lb8lb10lb12lb15lb20lb25lb
Seaguar Tatsu

So what do we recommend?

So which fluorocarbon line is best – Seaguar of Sunline? We would suggest using a combination of these lines. Speaking with Andrew, his setup is as follows:

I recently changed my knot from Palomar to a knot tied by Shaw Grigsby, have a look at his video here.

One last note which we will cover in a future article is that I recommend using a braid mainline, using fluorocarbon as a leader only. Not only does this save you money, but it also assists in casting distance.

Tight Lines.

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