Gary Yamamoto Stretch 40


Continuing the legacy of the world famous Yamamoto soft plastics, the Yamamoto Stretch 40 Single Tail Grubs are a longer version of the original single tail grubs to give anglers a bigger profile to catch bigger fish. Poured using Yamamoto’s secret blend of soft plastic, the Yamamoto Stretch 40 Single Tail Grubs feature a long body and a small curly tail, which creates a natural swimming and kicking action that fish simply can’t resist. Because of their longer body shape, the Yamamoto Stretch 40 Single Tail Grubs can be used on a variety of different applications, including jigheads, Texas-rigs, Carolina-rigs, and even as a spinnerbait or buzzbait trailer. Loaded with salt to make bass fish hold on longer, the Yamamoto Stretch 40 Single Tail Grubs are available in an assortment of Yamamoto’s proven fish catching colors.

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Baby Bass, Black with small Red Flake, Dirty Worm (Witbank Special), DK Watermelon Red/Light Watermelon Red, Green Pumpkin / Amber Laminate, Green Pumpkin Blue Flake, Green Pumpkin Green/Purple Flake, Green Pumpkin Purple/Copper, Green Pumpkin Red/Watermelon Laminate, Green Pumpkin W/Red Flk, Junebug (Purple with Emerald Flake), Plum small Emerald Flake, South African Special, Special – Grn Pmpkn sml Red/Silver Flk, Special – Watermelon Green/Red Flk, Watermelon Black/Gold Flake, Watermelon Black/Red Flake, Watermelon Red Magic, Wtrmln Copper/Orange with Red Flake


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