Gary Yamamoto D-Shad


The Yamamoto D-Shad is a new breed of soft plastic jerk bait. Although similar in profile to other soft-body jerkbaits, the Yamamoto D-Shad provides added advantage of molded-in-weight.

Consider those situations when you’re trying to work a fluke-style bait fast below the surface, the usual problem is keeping the lure underwater where it can do the most good. With Yamamoto’s unique formula, the D-Shad has the density to stay down even when worked aggressively. That’s huge, especially on lakes and rivers where bass respond best to erratic, high-speed retrieves.

When paused, the D-Shad also sinks much like a Senko – with a very desirable wobbling action – perfect for fishing it on the fall. Its thicker, heavier tail allows it to sink level and gives it a little shimmy. Available in a range of colors, rig the Yamamoto D-Shad like you would any other soft-plastic jerkbait – just with a lot less lead.

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Black, DK Watermelon Red/Light Watermelon Red, Goby, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Blue Flake, Green Pumpkin/Amber Laminate, Olive Shad (Green Pumpkin/White Laminate), Pearl White, Watermelon Red Flake, Wtrmln Copper/Orange with Red Flake


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