Gary Yamamoto Cowboy


The perfect “line dance” partner, the Yamamoto Cowboy is an extension of Yamamoto Custom Baits’ extensive line of highly effective creature baits. Whether it is utilized on the back of a jig, or for flipping and punching, the Yamamoto Cowboy’s large, J-shaped legs produce a prominent kicking action, like a cowboy dancing with his chaps on.

Bulky enough to provide secure rigging, but streamlined enough to slip through heavy vegetation, the Yamamoto Cowboy is accented with two sets of small, flapping appendages that provide a bite-triggering, secondary action. Offered in a range of Yamamoto’s most popular colors, the Yamamoto Cowboy is sure to become a fan favorite among anglers who are looking to wrangle up a big limit.

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Black Blue Flake, Dark Pumpkin w/Purple, Dark Pumpkin w/Purple, black & emerald flk, DK Watermelon Red/Light Watermelon Red, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin / Amber Laminate, Green Pumpkin Green/Purple Flake, Watermelon Red


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